How to write an essay talking about yourself

When a student receives a task to write a story about himself, the first thing he goes to the Internet, where he is looking for a suitable composition. Replacing names and facts, you can easily write a story, but it will not be a story about you, but about another person. This story will be quickly forgotten and the next time you need to talk about yourself, you will have to make up the story again. The topic of yourself is needed everywhere: at school and university exams, at an interview, when meeting new people, so there can be no doubt about its importance.

Many people have the following question: what to talk about? Little by little about everything: where you are from, about your family, where you study or studied, where you work or who you want to become, what are your plans for the future. You can talk about your character, hobbies and preferences, talents and activities. In general, as we were taught at school, talking until the teacher stops.

When preparing the story, to understand how to write an essay talking about yourself, it would be nice to know how much time you will have to introduce yourself. If this is a lesson or exam, the recommended length of the story is usually given. In everyday communication, of course, no one will listen to your entire story from 30 sentences for 15 minutes. The interlocutor will ask questions that interest him and your answers will be parts of the compiled story. And the situation in which you talk about yourself can happen anywhere, anytime.

Therefore, we will consider how to write a simple story about yourself for an exam or lesson. We will offer you various options, your business is only to choose which of the proposed will be appropriate for your story about yourself. Starting a story about yourself (and any story), you must have a clear plan of what you will talk about. For example, the plan of your story is: general information, the place where I live, my family, my education, my work, my hobbies and interests, my character, my plans for the future and so on.

Go, not jump from one topic to another. At the same time, in your story you should not pay too much attention to one topic, if the situation does not require it. Familiarize yourself with the structure of phrases and replace the variable parts with the information that is true for you. Using these tips, you can write a high-quality and interesting essay that can be used not only in school, but also in college or just during communication. You can save this essay later, when you need it again, you can diversify it with new facts about yourself and make it more interesting. Be sure to also check the essay for punctuation or grammatical errors.

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