Write essay on grow more trees

Writing an essay from scratch is always quite difficult, because this requires special knowledge and skills. Knowledge can be gained through research. For example, you need to write an essay on the conservation of nature. To do this, you need to conduct a special study in which you will have to find out what state nature is at the moment, what are the ways to preserve nature and, possibly, what kind of organizations exist that do this. If the teacher did not give you a specific topic, then you can choose it yourself. You can write essay on grow more trees or about ways to protect the environment as a whole. But before you start writing an essay, it’s worth highlighting several types of essays that you can write.

Since this topic is fairly neutral, this topic does not require any particular style, you can choose the style of storytelling that you like most.

For example, expressing opinions essay. If at the end of the assignment you are asked whether you agree or not, or to what extent you agree, then this essay should be completely about your opinion. That is, you should express your opinion on the topic of nature protection. In the introduction, you must rephrase the topic of the assignment using other constructions and synonyms and indicate your opinion: do you agree that nature needs to be protected or do you agree with one way or another to protect nature. And in the following paragraphs you need to prove that your opinion is correct, explaining the reasons and giving illustrative examples. In conclusion, you are expected to summarize, but using other synonyms. Make sure that you express your point of view clearly and clearly, and also indicate a few facts that confirm the correctness of your thoughts.

There is also another type of essay, advantages / disadvantages. This essay should be more neutral, that is, your opinion is usually not specifically asked here. You will be asked to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of something (for example, the use of natural substitutes for plastic). In the introduction, you should again outline the topic in other words (remember that if you use the same words as in the assignment, you won’t count them). The second paragraph can be devoted to advantages, and the third to disadvantages. In conclusion, you must conclude. Express your opinion, but without strong language, that is, without strong emotional coloring (hate, cannot stand, and so on).

Remember that your opinion is not taken into account here, you just have to provide the reader with statistics and a clear picture of what are the advantages of a particular event, and what are the disadvantages. Do some research, read a few articles or books to better understand the situation and statistics. You can also discuss this issue with friends or family to understand what they think about it. This will also be useful information for your research.

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